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The March Evening


Doors & Bar 7pm. Music starts about 8 pm
We cordially invite you to partake in a variety of great music, soak up the candle-lit atmosphere and enjoy a beverage with some friendly company.
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Rumney Folk Club

About our little club

Rumney Folk Club is a group of dedicated volunteers and musicians, coming together to create arguably some of the most distinct acoustic and folk music evenings in South Wales. With at least 1 evening each month, audiences are treated to a candle lit atmosphere, a licensed bar and a variety of musical talent. Our regular monthly evenings are a simple turn up, sign up and play format and there is no expectancies whatsoever of the artist, which means we’ve had eager children performing for the first time amongst some very experience musicians, but in front of an appreciative audience.

The club’s proceeds go towards the proprietors of the venue, St. Augustine’s Church Community Hall, to help improve facilities at the hall and the 11th century church next door (look out for events in here too).
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Hello everyone.

Really sorry to announce, but due to the Corona Virus, we’ve made the decision to cancel this months club night….20 March.

It’s the first time in 17 years we’ve had to cancel an evening, but we feel it’s the safest thing to do under the circumstances.

Huge apologies to those who were going to perform.

We will review the situation next month which is Friday 17 April,  please check the website and Facebook for updates

In the meantime, take care one and all and we’ll see you all soon.

Lots of love



 Andrew Clode is a regular at the club and has become part of the frame work of our   monthly meetings.
 This album is a collection of 16 of the most beautiful songs you are ever likely to hear, all   written and performed by Andrew.
 Each song has a special meaning and is delivered with passion and honesty.
 Proceeds from the CD are being donated to the  Huggard Centre in Cardiff – for the   Homeless.
 For only £10 you can enjoy superbly crafted songs and help the Homeless on the streets of   Cardiff.
 Available at club nights or contact Derek@rumneyfolkclub.co.uk